Saturday, October 4, 2008

Veeps on my Mind

I told you so.

If you read my October 1st blog on the then pending Vice Presidential candidates' debate, I predicted the obvious. I predicted that, absent any major gaffes, GOP talking heads would be lavishing praise on Governor Palin and pointing to her performance as proof positive that she is ready to lead this country.

However, my own analysis of the debate results is still guided by the opinion expressed here on Wednesday: "I believe that to be truly qualified to serve our country as vice president or president, one needs to demonstrate more than an ability to avoid looking foolish for 90 minutes."

I do not have time this morning to do a lengthy analysis of the debate. I am getting ready to meet, for the first time, a Nobel Laureate, Al Gore. I am the event photographer for a reception for Vice President Gore and am thrilled to have the opportunity. However, I would be derelict in my pondering if I did not provide my readers with a comprehensive analysis of Governor Palin's performance in St. Louis. Thanks to a tip from one of my nieces, I am able to meet the Vice President AND leave you with all you need to know to intelligently discuss Governor Palin's debating skills. Click here.

One more thing. Personally, I think it is foolish to wink at the audience, repeatedly, during a debate of Thursday's magnitude. So . . .

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