Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday Morning Levity for Saturday Nite Retirees

It's Sunday morning. I'm using my DVR to watch all the morning talk shows (except Fox). I have repeatedly needed to resist the urge to toss a shoe at professional GOP strategists who defend McCain's forthcoming slash and burn campaign as an acceptable form of discourse.

Fortunately, I can tone down my blood pressure with and watch the opening segment on last night's Saturday Night Live. The subject was, predictably, last Thursday's Vice Presidential debate. Before you leave to watch it by clicking here, accept my confession that my word in the drinking game Thursday was "blessed".

Don't forget to come back in a day or so for my thoughts on Minnesota's Senatorial race. I spent yesterday morning as the event photographer for the Al Franken campaign and was privileged and honored to be in the presence of Al Gore, the only man elected to the presidency who did not serve in that office. Vice President Gore's observations are worth pondering.

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