Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Read My Lips: No Nude Texans!

I know you think you understand what I meant to say, but I’m not sure what I said was what you thought you heard.

I beg my pardon?

THE debate will take place in about 23 hours. In about 24.5 hours the spinmeisters will be spewing analysis supporting respective claims that their vice-presidential candidate triumphed. Listen carefully because I’m willing to bet that most of said analysis will be devoid of any substance.

One of the claims that I am anticipating is something like “Governor Sarah Palin demonstrated her readiness to serve as Vice President and, if necessary, President of the United States because she was able to handle each of the questions asked of her and held her own against Senator Joe Biden. She avoided any vacuous ‘deer in Katie Couric headlights’ moments and yada, yada, yada”.

Assuming for a moment that Governor Palin does actually manage to avoid providing Tina Fey with material for this weekend’s Saturday Night Live, I believe the bar needs to be set higher. I believe that to be truly qualified to serve our country as vice president or president, one needs to demonstrate more than an ability to avoid looking foolish for 90 minutes.

Whatever good work John McCain’s handlers are accomplishing in Sedona, Arizona as I write this, it is impossible to put enough lipstick on a pig to turn the clueless cutie who promised to “get back” to Katie Couric into a competent Commander-in-Chief.

Earlier this week, I incorporated a song from South Pacific into my pondering to invoke a devil-may-care response to the threat of pending financial chaos. Tonight, I’m in more of a Lerner & Loewe mood. The Republicans are praying, literally, that Governor Palin will blossom like Eliza Doolittle after her week at the Henry Higgins ranch, fool Sultan Kaparthy, and be accepted as royalty by high society and the voting electorate.

We must not forget, no matter what gibberish flows from the spinmeisters, that, at the end, my fair lady Eliza Doolittle was an articulate flower girl, but a flower girl nonetheless. Or, to put it another way, as illustrated by the accompanying photographs, even if you create razzle dazzle out of the ho hum, underneath it all it is still ho hum.

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Charles Leck said...

Might want to read this column by Andrew Halcro from the Christian Science Monitor: "I've Debated Sarah Palin More than 20 Times -- Here's what it's like"

Good post! The Liza Doolittle analogy is great.

"Ehhh! This is what the British population calls an 'elementary education.' Look at her! A prison of the gutter, condemned by every sylable she utters. By rights she should be taken out and hung, for the cold blooded murder of the English tongue."

I love that line.