Sunday, October 12, 2008

Detours by the Straight Talk Express

Enough respite from politics. Ten hours is more than enough in troubled times like these. In an effort to show what a fair and balanced guy I am, I have devoted this entire blog to John McCain. If you admire the old salt, here's three minutes of your guy on the small screen. If you are an Obama supporter, you should watch the video, too. And show how fair and balanced you are by passing it on to everyone you know.

As of this writing, this YouTube video has been viewed 6,821,695 times. My guess is that most viewers came away with a particular inclination about who to support in the presidential election. However, it won't mean squat if you don't vote. VOTE!


Anonymous said...

Obviously you know not why those before you sacraficed. You deserve everything which you expouse.

Anonymous said...

right on!