Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sam Thinks He Can. . . Write A Blog

All systems go. Welcome to Sam Thinks He Can . . .'s first blog. As time goes on, you may come to believe that these missives are prime examples of why technology is too readily available. Hopefully, I'll have something to say that is worth reading. At least I think I can.

As a fall back, I'll post favorite photos to share. After pursuing my hobby for more than 40 years, there's a few worth viewing. Friends, family and cyberspacers who come to enjoy the photographs will learn something about me that, often, not even the proverbial 1,000 words can express.

To start off, here's a photograph of my neighborhood. I am one lucky blogger.
[I'm leaving this blank as a sign that maybe technology is NOT too readily available. The upload didn't work. is working on the problem. More later.]

Please feel free to comment on my writing and (hopefully) my photography. Thank you for your time.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey Sam,

Yes We Can!

The not so anonymous RT