Saturday, December 1, 2007

Sam Thinks He Can . . . Befriend (Graphics)

These are samples from my "Friends (snapshots)" album on my computer described in the "Sam Thinks He Can . . . Befriend" blog appearing below.

Read the blog and see if you can tell which friend(s) match (a.) in-house counsel for the Minnesota Secretary of State, (b.) carnival owner, (c.) enthusiastic health club attendee, (d.) gourmet sausage maker,
(e.) Lallapalooza merchandise purveyor, (f.) eminent domain commissioner, (g.) waitresses at "The Best Bar in America", (h.) "little brother" born 3 hours after me and stuck with me for 52 of 55 years, (i.) Japanese steakhouse developer, (j.) Minneapolis mob boss family member. Leave me comments on the blog with your guesses and I'll let you know how you did.


Chas Leck said...

Sam, I spent a lot of time on your blog today and really enjoyed myself. I'm glad you're finding some enjoyment on mine also. Thanks for the vote for mayor. The city told me I had several. You should be very glad you did not vote for Mr. Vassar. Let's have lunch some time and I'll tell you all about the dangers he poses to our community. And, yes, let's try to rush for tickets to PHC sometime. Charlie

Stephen S. said...

Sam, You're a great caucusguy. Take a look! Steve Eckman